I have NO will-power!

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, not a single thing was stirring, not even a mouse (or hamster in our case)....................................If only!

It's the last weekend before Christmas and I've got an awful lot to do. My wife and I are going away to my mother-in-law's for the Christmas period and, after that, we're driving down to the French Alps for a week of R&R, snowboarding and photography.

So this was to be our last weekend at home to pack and sort out before all the Christmas insanity begins. To add to the busyness, we were also invited to a Christmas party on the Saturday evening AND were due to meet a friend for a drink on Sunday afternoon. So, whilst all these things were really fun and I have been looking forward to them all for ages, it didn't actually leave a lot of time for packing and sorting.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to start on my list of jobs and, whilst eating my breakfast, I was aware of the sky catching fire as the sun rose.............Oh s**t!!!!

You see, selfishly I was hoping for a dull morning, but instead it was frosty with a beautiful sunrise - and I wasn't out to enjoy it. "Oh Well", I told myself, "There'll be plenty more".

So I got on with my jobs; helped my daughter with her flat hunting and started to think about what to pack for our trips when I looked out of the window and ((((((WHAM)))))) a mist was rolling in from nowhere.

This was just too much. I dropped everything, grabbed my camera bag and tripod and hurried out to the car.

I only had a few hours and had absolutely no plan. So I decided to make my way over to a local woodland (the same woodland I visited a few weeks ago) to continue my woodland photography experiment.

The mist wasn't quite as thick in the woods as it had been near my house, but there was still a little bit of foggy goodness lingering in the centre of the forest, which did add some atmosphere.

It was so still though, and whilst I walked through the woodland, I saw so many different species of birds collecting berries and insects and I even saw a couple of deer which stopped just long enough for me to sit and watch them - shear bliss!

It was also very cold, -2 according to my phone, so the ground was rock solid and freezing cold, whilst all the puddles had turned to ice. 

While wandering around, I came back to the tree that I'd seen on my last visit. It took a while to find a composition that I was reasonably happy with, but I'm quite please with my first attempt of a misty woodland - but like I've said before, I'm still learning when it comes to woodland photgraphy.

So back to the question of will-power - I obviously have very little when it comes to photography. But as none of my New Year's resolutions involve going out less with my camera, having no will-power shouldn't cause me too many problems in the coming months!