Video of the Month - November 2018

We’re getting to the end of November, but before we head straight into the festive season, I would like to share a video from earlier in the month from one of my favourite YouTube photographers - Nigel Danson.

In this video, he discusses photography in the rain (something that anyone who regularly photographs in the UK will be used to) and how to work with the conditions to create a compelling image.

If you like what you see and haven’t checked out his other video’s, then I would highly recommend you head over to his channel and have a look - beautifully shot and hugely informative video’s, there is a reason that Nigel Danson is one of my favourite YouTube Photographers!

“Photographing in the rain is amazing. If you embrace it then you can get some amazing results. In this video I visit an amazing woodland and show how you can use the rain and saturated colours to get some great photos.”