6 Landscape Photography YouTube Channels you Need to Follow

Happy Easter everyone!

As I write today's post, it's the Easter weekend and I'm staying with family just up the road from Scarborough. It's grey, wet and cold outside; with a flat and boring sky and even flatter and more boring light. So a normal UK bank holiday and not really a great day to be a landscape photographer!

However, it is a great day to watch some YouTube!

To celebrate the launch of my very own YouTube channel, I wanted to share with you some of the YouTube channels that I love to watch and that have really inspired me to take my own leap into filming my photography journey. 

This was a really hard list to compile! There are so many YouTube channels that I regularly watch and narrowing the list down to only 6 has been a real challenge. I have tried to add a mixture of entertaining and educational vlogs and I have listed them in no particular order. 

So grab a cup of tea/coffee/hot choc (or something stronger) and enjoy my absolute favourite YouTube channels............

1. Thomas Heaton

No list of inspiring photography YouTube channels would be complete without Thomas Heaton.

Thomas Heaton is an landscape and travel photographer and produces very high quality YouTube videos of his adventures. His video's are both inspiring and insightful (as well as being extremely entertaining).

 He releases content twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

2. Simon Baxter

I love Simon Baxter's channel. He has such a considered approach to photography and his woodland photography is stunning (he has been highly commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards).

And I can't forget to mention Meg the dog - one of the highlights of his video's!

He doesn't upload videos on a regular basis, but his vlogs are always worth the wait.

3. Kim Grant

Kim Grant has an amazing energy and her enthusiasm for photography and the outdoors is truly infectious. She doesn't always "get the shot", but her enjoyment (and sometimes frustration) of being outside in the elements makes great watching.

She up-loads very regularly

4. Ben Horne

American large format photographer Ben Horne films his hiking trips and his process of photographing with a large format camera. His high quality video's are beautifully shot and put together and you can't help but like Ben as he talks through his compositions and processes.

He is a true master of using reflected light from canyon walls to light trees and other subjects in his images.

Interestingly, Ben Horne's channel doesn't feature any adverts. Instead, he funds his channel through contributions from his viewers.

5. Nigel Danson

Nigel Danson is one of my all time favourite YouTube vloggers. He shoots the majority of his video's outside and themes each one on teaching a skill (and his landscape photographs are spectacular). 

I have learned a huge amount from watching Nigel Danson's video's and always look forward to Sunday mornings when he releases a new video.


6. Paul G Johnson

A truly entertaining channel with really beautiful pictures. I can't help but smile whenever Paul posts a video. 

He doesn't upload regularly, but when he does you'll always get and entertaining, funny and insightful video.

So, that,s my list. The truth is that, with so many fantastic photography vlogs over on YouTube, I really could've written a list of 20 channels that I regularly watch and I still would have had to miss some out!

If you feel that I have missed out your favourite photography YouTube channel, please share it with a link in the comments below as I'd love to see what you guys all watch for inspiration (and hopefully I'll find a new channel to follow as well)!

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