"On Yer Bike" - maybe I could cycle?

So, as I'm sure you're probably aware, I'm getting around on crutches at the moment. And I'm really not enjoying it!

Looking at the positives, I have had a really welcome chance to reflect and plan. I've up-dated my website, added a new page and made a few changes to my Etsy shop. I've also written a few new articles and am really excited about the way I'm hoping to develop this blog.


I'm starting to suffer from a serious case of cabin fever!

The mountain's are calling me, but I can't go up them at the moment. However, I may be able to indulge in my other passion - cycling.

I have a mountain bike and road bike in my shed - but they'll have to wait for now. But my commuter bike, which is my every-day work-horse bike, that might be possible....

My daily bike is a bit quirky - it's a vintage looking Pashley which I absolutely adore. Complete with a basket on the back (which incidentally fits a medium sized camera bag perfectly) and a few other personal customisations, getting out and about on this bike might be a go!

Ok, so it wont take me up any montains or to any wonderful locations, but at the very least I'll get some exercise, get some fresh air and hopefully stave off the cabin fevour for a good while longer while my foot heals.

I may even manage a few photo's if I'm lucky .

So it's about time I dusted of my bike and had a go. I suppose I'll just have to go slow and take it one step (or should I say, one pedal stroke) at a time!