Back after a Summer Break (or should that be fracture)

It’s been a while hasn’t it!

After fracturing the back of my heel towards the end of July, I though it was probably best to have a few weeks off in August to completely rest up and allow my foot to heal. And I’m please to say that I’m now OFF MY CRUTCHES!

So, what did I do during my summer holiday?

Very little photography I’m afraid - although I did get out for a sneaky beach shoot using my crutches and a friend to help.

Working beach in Cumbria, just after sunset

After several weeks of not being able to shoot, this short trip to the coast was so welcome and I had such a great evening outside with my camera. I wasn’t able to work the composition as much as I usually do, so my image isn’t technically great, but I still love it, if only for the memory of the shear joy it brought being able to get outside and photograph something - this probably relates very strongly with my recent post on mental health.

So, a fairly photography-dry summer.

But to be honest, I probably chose the best time of year to fracture my heel, as I never really shoot all that much over the summer anyway. It would’ve been far more frustrating if I had injured myself in the height of Autumn or during a snowy spell in the Winter.

So, although it was a bit of an inconvenience and was incredibly frustrating at times, this injury hasn’t really been the end of the world. I had a nice and relaxed family holiday in Wales (no hiking or photography this time though) and managed to make a start on a New Project that should keep my very busy over the next few months………….

I Bought a Van

I have wanted a camper van for years - but the problem is, they’re so expensive. However, there is unfortunately no way I would ever be able to afford one, not even an old second hand one.

So, I did what I always do when I need some advice, I read some blogs and consulted YouTube. There really is a huge resource online when it comes to campervan’s and converting trade vans into campers. So, after a long period of thought and a lot of research I decided to take the plunge and buy a used van to turn into a camper.

I’m expecting this project to be a long one, as I still have to work and I don’t want the van to interfere with my photography projects - in fact, I’m hoping that longer-term, my van should enhance my photography by allowing me to go off grid for longer periods and help me explore and photograph places that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to.

So, alongside my usual photography posts, I am going to be blogging the full van conversion over the next few months. I will be converting my van on an extremely tight budget and so I will be doing most of the work myself (I’ve got a huge amount to learn over the next few months and hope to share what I learn through various posts).

I’m really looking forward to getting going on this new adventure and sharing all the highs and lows with you all - I may even feature the van in a few videos over on my YouTube Channel (which has sadly been very neglected since I broke my heel), although I’m keen not to turn my photography channel into a van conversion channel!

Autumn News

Putting the van to one side for the moment, I thought that now might also be a good opportunity to have a quick look at other things I’ve got coming up over the next few months that some of you might find interesting:

Firstly, I would like to expand my online Etsy Shop with a larger selection of cards for sale.

Secondly, I have some great blog content coming up over the next few months, which will include:

  • Continuing my Photography and Mental Health Series - I hope to post a new article in this series every month over the next few months.

  • Van build posts - again, I hope to publish a round-up every month of how the van build is going - as well as shorter posts on specific aspects of the build that I hope people will find interesting.

  • Regular posts on hikes and locations that I come across as I explore the Lake District and beyond

  • Continuing with my Video of the Month Series

  • Learning area - I am really keen to develop a learning area on this blog for complete beginners to use as a resource. I’m not sure quite where to start just yet, or how I will put this together, as it’s very much just an idea at the moment. I will therefore most probably start planing some posts over the next few months and may start a learning series in the New Year (I can’t believe I’m already thinking about 2019)!

Thirdly, I will be putting together my first ever Newsletter. I have written many Newsletters for another company that I run, but I am really excited about putting together a photography Newsletter! Please keep an eye out for this over the next few weeks and, as it’s my first newsletter, I’ll be including some special offers and a competition to win an A4 print. So, if you haven’t subscribed to my Newsletter, just fill out the details at the foot of this page and I’ll add you to my list.

And Lastly, I will be getting out and photographing with a renewed vigour now that my heel is on the mend! I’m already looking forward to what images the Autumn and Winter might have in store and will be getting out as soon as I can to start exploring some new locations for compositions and images!

So, I have a lot of great content coming up over the next few months which means that I should be extremely busy (which is the way I like it). Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else you would like to see covered in the blog over the next few months and if you have any ideas of things you would like included in the learning area - perhaps a composition 101, camera settings, exposure triangle, smart phone photography?????