Blog Post of the Month - 10 up-grades for 2019

Blog Post of the Month - 10 up-grades for 2019

Blog Post of the Month is a new segment on my blog where I will share a post from another blog that I’ve found interesting, entertaining or useful.

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The posts in this segment won’t always be the most current, in fact they may even be a few years old, but as long as they are still relevant to photography today I’m happy to recommend them.

I will make this promise though: I won’t share any overly salesy posts and I also won’t share any kit review articles - as I want this blog to remain a place of inspiration and learning, rather than a place for tech news and reviews (there are already loads of excellent blogs out there dedicated to the latest tech). Furthermore, all the blogs I feature in this monthly segment will ALWAYS be articles that I’ve read fully and enjoyed and that I feel you guys would also enjoy - so you can be rest assured that I will not be receiving any form of payment in any way to feature a blog in this section!

So now I’ve got that out of the way I’d like to kick things off by sharing a blog post from Canadian photographer, blogger and writer David duChemin. His blog is full of inspiring articles relating to his travel and humanitarian photography. His blog articles are often quite funny (he apparently used to be a comedian), always very informative and very well written and generally have a focus on the art and craft of photography instead of the gear.

I have started this segment with David duChemin as he is currently one of my favourite photography bloggers.

In this article, David talks about the top 10 upgrades you can make to improve your photography. Told in his usual light hearted manner, this post has some real gems of practical advice on ways to improve your photography without changing or upgrading your kit.

I really hope you enjoy this article as much as I did!

Read this month’s Blog Post of the Month here

If you have any suggestions for future blogs that you would like me to consider for Blog Post of the Month, please feel free to either leave a comment below, or get in touch.