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In The Media This Month - Nature on Prescription

In The Media This Month - Nature on Prescription

I came across an interesting article a couple of weeks ago, whilst I aimlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed, talking about a new health initiative in Shetland - for those of you reading from outside the UK, Shetland a small archipelago of islands around 100 miles off the North-East of the Scottish mainland.

The article was discussing a new initiative by NHS Shetland where GP’s are now able to “prescribe nature” to their patients.

Video of the month - August 2018

Well, I'm sure this months video of the month will come as no surprise. It inspired my last post and has even inspired a whole series of posts that I'm busy working on at the moment.

That's right (drum roll please), this months Video of the Month is Joseph Seager's video "5 Way Photography is Good for your Mental Health" .

In this video, Joseph talks about how he used photography to help him through a recent bout of poor mental health and why he feels it is important to break down the stigma attached to mental health.